By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a tired tot tried desperately to stay awake in a shopping trolley as his mum browsed in his favourite store – only to epically fail in his attempts.

In Waco, Texas, USA, mum Kiara McBrine has taken her 10-month-old son, Ray, to his favourite grocery store – but there’s only one problem: the tiny tot can’t seem to stay awake long enough to enjoy it.

Sat upright in the shopping cart, the bags are already beginning to form around the eyes of little Ray, but the determined toddler refuses to go down without a fight.

Gripping tightly onto the bar, it’s not long before the drowsy tot’s head begins to nod downwards uncontrollably, the little man fighting back and opening his eyes widely before once again falling into an unconscious slumber.

Having repeated the hilarious process over and over again, eventually the fight proves too great for Ray, and before long he is left sprawled out on the seat of the trolley, his head to one side and his mouth gaping.

Watching on in hysterics, Kiara said: “By the time we arrived at the store, he was already asleep in the car.

“But when he saw we were at HEB, his favourite store, he tried to wake himself up.

“It was so hilarious how he kept drifting off – usually he talks to the staff as we’re going round, but he just couldn’t stay awake.

“I couldn’t stop laughing; some of the faces he was pulling were just priceless.

“After a while I think he just gave up – he slept for the rest of the shopping trip and for about an hour after we got home.

“He’s such a funny baby.”