Video Viral


By Jack Williams

An appreciative mother’s video praising her former partner, who is the father of her child, and his new wife has reached viral levels thanks to the amount of love being shown.

Caring Latoya Jackson filmed the footage as a way of thanking the pair for their work in raising her daughter, Anasia Tolliver, 10.

Pic by Latoya Jackson / Caters: Anasia, Herbert and DeShannon

Initially sat in her car, Latoya, 33, from Lake Village, Arkansas, USA, explained to the camera how she has arrived at father Herbert Tolliver’s house in order to drop off their daughter’s school supplies.

“I’ll try to do this without crying,” Latoya said, before explaining that the previous day had been the birthdays of Herbert, 39, and his new wife, DeShannon, 40.

The pair have been “awesome,” Latoya continued, saying that if there were more parents and step parents like Hebert and DeShannon, the world would be a better place.

Latoya then left her car to speak to Herbert and express her sentiments in person, blubbering and holding back the tears as she did.

At the end of the footage, shot on August 16, the pair warmly embrace for the camera.

Pic by Latoya Jackson / Caters : Herbert Tolliver and Latoya

Such a positive message about making step-parent relationships and breakups work has meant the footage has been viewed more than two million times.

Latoya, speaking of her five-year relationship with Herbert, said: “Following the separation we remained friends and on good terms for the sake of our daughter.

“I wanted the video to be an encouragement to others.

“I wanted to show my friends and family that it’s okay to love your child’s step parent if they have genuine love for the child.

“We’ve always been like one big family and never had one disagreement.

“DeShannon stepped right in and became the perfect step parent that any child could hope for.”