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By Tui Benjamin

A hapless golden Labrador who just can’t catch has gone viral after her owner filmed hilarious slow-motion footage of her being repeatedly hit in the face by toys and treats.

@cliffordthelab / Caters News

Teenager Ashley Shepherd, from Warrigee, New South Wales, Australia, videoed one-year-old pooch Clover showcasing her catastrophic catching abilities dozens of times over.

The 19-year-old’s adorable footage of the clumsy canine has now gone viral on social media – but Ashley said she doesn’t think her blundering pet’s mouth-eye coordination will ever improve.

Bachelor of arts student Ashley said: “We got Clover last August and I realised relatively early on that she just can’t catch.

“With my other dog Clifford, it doesn’t matter how high or how fast you throw something, he will always be able to get it straight away.

“But when I throw something for Clover to catch more often than not she will miss things completely, or it will just hit her in the face.

“She doesn’t have a problem with her eyesight, I just think some dogs don’t have that ability.”

Ashley got Clover in August last year as a pal for three-year-old chocolate Labrador Clifford.

@cliffordthelab / Caters News

She said the pup hasn’t learned from her big brother’s catching abilities – which frequently show her up.

In Ashley’s hilarious compilation, she can be seen throwing toys, balls and even lemons and carrots in a vain attempt to help Clover improve her catching.

But the mutt is unable to grab the items and instead snaps and jumps hopelessly out of time in the selection of adorable clips – missing every one.

The video has racked up thousands of views on Ashley’s Instagram account, @cliffordthelab.

She added: “If I throw Clover a ball she just doesn’t know where to go.

“She isn’t stupid, she’s really smart in her own way – she can even climb up ladders.

“When I posted the video everyone was laughing at how funny it was and some people said their own dogs had similar problems.”