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These two furry friends need to get a groom as a horse cleans his corgi pal who cracks a huge grin before returning the favour.

Pic from Caters News

Meeting for the first time at stables in Laurel, Maryland, USA, on August 26, Phoenix the black stallion doesn’t hold back with his affection for a comparatively tiny dog called Dezi.

With the understandably nervous three-year-old corgi perched on some tack trunks, the 13-year-old Quarter Horse starts nibbling away at Dezi’s fur, moving his mouth around the mutt’s neck.

Coming to terms with his unusual grooming, Dezi moves his head around constantly so all parts are reached before finally cracking a huge smile and even giving Phoenix a kiss in return.

Owner Alexander Achs said: “We never expected the two of them to get on like this the first time they met.

“A horse the size of Phoenix can be very intimidating for a little dog like Dezi.

“She didn’t know what to think at first but after a while she really enjoy the attention.

Pic from Caters News

“They carried on for a couple of minutes but I’m pretty sure Phoenix would have happily groomed his new best friend all day long if we had let him.”

During July, Dezi had a bladder stone removed, the surgery for which led to acute kidney failure and hospitalisation for one week.

Alex said: “Because of this we decided we really wanted Dezi to enjoy every moment of life, so we began bringing her to the stable with us.

“Phoenix always seemed very intrigued, watching her intently with ears pricked forward, but we did not let them directly interact until that day.

Pic from Caters News

“After my wife rode him and they were coming out of the arena, I had Dezi with me on the leash.

“She laid down belly up in front of Phoenix and let him groom her side and tummy, he even had her whole foot in his mouth at one point.”