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Incredible footage shows the moment a veteran snowboarder emerged alive and completely unscathed after being buried under heaps of snow upside down for nearly ten minutes.

Mac Jacobson, who has been snowboarding for 12 years, had planned a routine skiing trip with his friend Stephen to Squaw Valley in California.

But the exciting excursion went horribly wrong when an imbalanced drop from 30-foot cliff landed him on his head, plunging his whole body under several feet of snow.

The video captured on a GoPro, attached to his friend Stephen’s chest, captures the moment he rushes towards Mac who was completely buried in the thick snow.

Stephen’s point of view footage shows him frantically trying to dig out his friend with his hands and skiing poles.

After nearly ten minutes, he succeeds in digging Mac out from the snow, leaving behind what looks like the entrance to a cave.

Explaining the harrowing incident, Mac said: “I was sending a 30-foot or so drop but clipped my back heel on the way off. I overcorrected and ended up ‘supermaning’ off of the cliff.

“As soon as I realised I was going to dive head first into the snow bank, I tried to flip onto my back but could not quite make it, landing directly onto the back of my neck and plunging straight into the snow.

“Those first three minutes were pure terror.”

PIC BY Mac Jacobson/ Caters News

But instead of panicking, Mac who struggled to breathe and sat immobile, waited patiently for help to reach.

He said: “I knew that if I began to panic then my chest cavity would expand and breathing would become more and more difficult.

“In the pin-drop silence under the snow, the only thing I could think of was to calm myself down and hope for a miracle.

“I didn’t know if my friend was going to send the drop after me and miss me on his way down so, I was just hoping that he knew I was down. ”

Things could have been much worse had Stephen not been flagged down by a couple of skiers who also happened to be on their way down the slope.

They saw the tip of Mac’s snowboard and rushed over to help, flagging Stephen down in the process.

“Oh my God, I have never seen something like that in my life,” one the skiers can be heard screaming when Mac finally emerges from the snow.

“I tried to yell and yell but nobody could hear me. Then after few minutes, I felt someone grabbing my foot and knew that I would get out. I feel extremely fortunate to come out alive without any injuries.”