Animals Video

By Michael Scott

This pod of humpback whales can be seen catching their dinner together by using a ‘bubble-net’ technique.

The group of ‘six or seven’ whales are fishing for their dinner on the waters outside of Juneau, Alaska.

Shayne McGuire/Caters News 

But the pod aren’t being greedy, they’re working together to get the best possible catch.

They are performing a ‘bubble-net’ feed so none of them swim away empty handed.

The bubble-net feed shows the humpback whales swimming in a shrinking circle blowing bubbles below a school of fish.

Danny Sullivan/Caters News

Danny Sullivan and Shayne McGuire captured their feeding this July.

Danny said: “A bubble-net feed is one of the few surface feeding behaviours that humpback whales are known to engage in.

“This type of feeding is often done in groups, the size can range from a minimum of two or three whales participating, and up to sixty at one time.

“Our group has around six or seven whales.

“We were out all day but the bubble net feed lasted about four hours. Then a few whales started breaching and went their separate ways.”