Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

A snake charmer wrestles a 15ft giant python in incredible footage after it had threatened a village.

Villagers in Shujalpur, Madhya Pradesh in central India spotted the slithering reptile near a soybean field.

The snake, an Indian Rock python, had strayed from a nearby forest in search of prey and eaten a fawn.


Panic spread as soon as the men, working in the fields, spotted it.

While forest officials were called for help, villagers approached snake-charmer Ramesh Chandra Bhatia to remove it.

For about half an hour he wrestled with the snake, tied it to a wooden log and then with the help of other men, took it out of the village.

Boasting about his experience, Bhatia said: “I have experience of rescuing poisonous snakes like cobras but I had never seen this massive snake before.

“The villagers came running to me for help. They had seen this python in the fields and panicked. While police were informed and wildlife was called in for help, the villagers did not want to wait for them and urged to me rescue it.

“I took the hold of its head without any gear. It was a difficult task but once I got its head in my hand, villagers helped me to take it out of the puddle.”

The man did not stop there but also forced the poor reptile regurgitate its food.

Luckily, forest rangers arrived and after a careful examination deemed it fit and released into its natural habitat.


Forest ranger Pankaj Kumar Sharma said: ” We had told the villagers to wait for half an hour as the village is far from our post. But by the time we reached here, a snake charmer had not just taken it out but also helped the snake to regurgitate.

“We kept it under observation for a few hours before releasing it back to its natural habitat.

“We do not blame villagers. It is because of the continuous deforestation and expansion of human habitation these largely misunderstood reptiles often become victims of man-animal conflict situations.”

The Indian Rock Python is protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. This particular species is under the ever increasing threat of habitat loss, poaching and is a sought after species in the illegal pet trade.