Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This joker is driving his best friend’s girlfriend crazy by throwing IKEA-based puns all over the shop.

Josh took a trip to IKEA with his best friend Jason but decided to annoy his girlfriend Bekah in the process.

Picking up random Swedish named items, Josh tried his hardest to annoy his best friend’s girlfriend by making puns out of every item he came across.

And it definitely worked.

Josh, 23, filmed his punny shopping trip at IKEA in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Josh said: “As I third-wheeled around IKEA with two of my closest friends, I decided to reward their trusting friendship by harassing them, especially Bekah, with a series of ill-conceived puns formed by butchering the Swedish language.

“There was a video a year or two ago of a guy doing something similar with his girlfriend in IKEA.

“I didn’t have a girlfriend handy to annoy, so I borrowed my best friend Jason’s.

“Everyone I know loved it – I’ve never had so many responses to a snapchat story before.”