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By Katy Gill

This fox cub has got itself in a very sticky situation after getting trapped inside a wall.

Wildlife Aid Foundation were called to a building site in Surrey to rescue this little fox cub from the wall cavity of a bathroom.

WAF / Caters News

After being initially spotted on the roof of the building, the fox moved inside the building and hid itself in a tiny hole after workers tried to shut it in the bathroom.

However, after a lot of strenuous work, the team were able to free the fox cub back into the wild.

A spokesperson for the Wildlife Aid Foundation said: “This has to be one of the most difficult rescues we have done recently.

Pic by WAF / Caters News

“We only had two access points that were probably no more than 40cm square and the fox was constantly trying to climb up into the wall space of the rooms upstairs.

“It took a lot of time and a few failed attempts, but finally Simon managed to get the grasper round its neck and gently pull it to freedom.

“After a quick check, it was released outside to get back to his family.”