Life Video

By Helen Le Caplain

A brave mum uses her home to stash haunted items ‘too dangerous for the outside world’ – including a demonic doll kept under lock and key that she claims is more terrifying than horror movie doll Annabelle.


Paula Bairstow has collected the spooky knick-knacks and furniture for 35 years and allows the spirits to live side by side in the three-bed semi she shares with husband Jack near Selby, Yorks.

Mum-of-eight Paula claims that any malevolent spirits attached to things in her collection can be controlled with the help of the spirit guides she affectionately calls her ‘star people’.

However the 52-year-old believes her living room is one of the few safe places for the occult museum and warned against taking them outside of the spiritual safety net of her home.

The creepiest item in her collection, which has remarkable parallels to hit movie Annabelle: Creation, is an ‘evil’ doll she picked up for £1 that has to remain locked up.


Paula, also known as Lillyanne Psychic Medium, said: “My house is 150% protected by my star people.

“I choose what I bring in here and it won’t affect anyone.

“If I brought something very negative into the house I can stop it getting out of hand – but that something I can’t guarantee if you take it out of my house.

“The doll, who I haven’t named yet, would give Raggedy Ann (Annabelle) a run for her money – she’s evil.

“I haven’t let her loose with anyone yet, I’m keeping her locked away inside one of my cupboards.


“I can see a black shadow around her which I’m trying to contain by keeping her wrapped up in a box with black salt inside, which is very protective, then I’ve wrapped the whole box in salt and cellophane.”