Offbeat Video

By Laura Dale

A firefighter dressed in a full T-Rex costume used a fire engine to hilariously attempt a slam dunk.

Jamie Jill had the idea to try his claws at basketball clad in a T-Rex costume and leapt out of his fire engine at the sight of a hoop on a street.

Jamie who works at Station 6 for the Arlington County Fire Department in Virginia, USA drew an audience when he started trying to play basketball in a dinosaur costume.

Jamie said: “We actually just drove the Truck around in North Arlington until we found a basketball hoop that would work.

“The neighbours all came out and were very confused as to what we were doing at first.  Once we explained they thought it was so fun and were filming themselves and kids were coming up high five-ing the T-rex and shooting hoops with it.  It was a really fun time.

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  We did a video last year during a blizzard in the T-rex costume shoveling snow around a fire hydrant that went viral so we thought this viral contest would be the perfect opportunity to bring him back out.

“I mean everything is funnier in a T-rex outfit.  Everyone so far has seemed to really enjoyed the video.

“Connecting with a younger audience is definitely a focus of ours.  Humour and keeping up to date with what is going viral or popular helps us connect.

“Fire safety messages can sometimes be bland so doing things that are outside the box for a public safety social media team helps keep our younger followers interested and entertained.

“It also helps us reach more people and get new followers.”