Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

These resourceful parents produced a hilarious tutorial on how to make delicious cocktails using ingredients meant for their children.

As Eric Horwitz and his wife Lisa relax in their New York City apartment, the couple decide to enjoy a well-deserved cocktail after putting their two kids, aged five and two, to bed.

Drawing on the limited resources available to them, Eric whips up a unique recipe using tropical rum and one of the fruit and vegetable juice boxes normally reserved for his children.

Navigating the child safety features – including elastic bands on a cupboard – the makeshift bartender even demonstrates how to pierce one of the cartons without spraying juice all over the place.

The giggling parents finally get to enjoy their shaken sup which they fittingly christen the ‘Jamaican Juice Box’ before pronouncing it as delicious.

Eric said: “We came up with the idea while cleaning the house and doing laundry.

“There was a video playing of our friends making nice cocktails and fancy popcorn before watching a movie.

“We thought to ourselves ‘wow, this is what it’s like before you have kids, spending evenings relaxing however you want’.

“Lisa turned to me and said ‘those cocktails look so delicious, I wish we had the ingredients to make them’.

“That’s when we realized the only thing we had in the house was juice boxes for the kids and we started hysterically laughing.

“I said hey let’s make a funny response with what we had at our disposal and that’s how it happened.”

Despite never having done anything like this previously, the couple have been brainstorming more cocktail recipes.

Eric said: “I think a lot of people, especially parents, will understand this scenario.

“We have received a bunch of ideas from family and friends and we had so much fun making this video that we will do more.

“I keep laughing every time I watch myself squeeze the juice into the shaker.

“It reminds me how many times I have tried to give my kids their own box without spraying it all over themselves.”