Video Viral

By Taniya Dutta

This is the moment a ‘guilty’ King Cobra spat out seven chicken eggs it had stolen from a farmer’s house in India.

The giant snake had strayed from Gibon Sanctuary into a village in Kothalguri tea estate in Assam in northeast India and had devoured the chicken eggs from a tiny poultry cage.

However, after swallowing more than it could stomach, the greedy reptile was unable to move and lied restlessly in a paddy field.

The news of the presence of a hungry venomous snake spread in the village like wild fire and snake whisperer Anil Tasa was called in for help.

Tasa then charmed the snake and after several attempts, the reptile finally regurgitated the eggs.

“It seems it was hungry for several days and quickly swallowed seven eggs.

“When I saw it, it was lying immobile. It clearly had swallowed more than it could have digested. If it had not regurgitated, the snake could have died of overeating and choking,”said Tasa.

In the visuals, the venomous snake can be seen regurgitating the white eggs one by one as scores of people watch it in disbelief.

After rescue, Anil released the snake in the Gibon sanctuary- a reserve forest and a habitat of at least 219 variety of birds and several species of snakes.