Animals Video

By Tui Benjamin

Only in Australia! A Brit was stunned to spot two amorous three metre pythons mating while dangling in the air inches from his kitchen window.

Keith Williams filmed the saucy serpents enjoying a mammoth 50 MINUTES of forked tongue foreplay while hanging from patio rafters outside his home in Ballina, New South Wales, at 11am this morning (FRI).

The local councillor and dad-of-one had been making a coffee in his kitchen when he saw the randy reptiles hanging directly outside the glass.

His footage of the sexy snakes’ shenanigans even led the farmers market manager to dub himself ‘an international purveyor of snake pornography’.

Keith, whose family are originally from London but who has lived in Australia since the age of four, said: “I was in my kitchen at home making a cup of coffee and was looking out of the window when I saw what I thought was just something blowing in the wind.

“I then realised it was a pair of rather large snakes – they were three-metre-long carpet pythons. I was somewhat startled to see them hanging there.

“It was certainly the first time I had seen anything quite like that – two snakes hanging upside down getting amorous outside my kitchen window.

“They are definitely doing the deed – there was no doubt in my mind what was going on there. They were there for probably a good ten minutes.

“Then they moved onto the grass and carried on there for about another 45 minutes after that.

“It did seem to be a very long time but from what I understand this was only the foreplay.”

This was not the first time Keith had spotted the amorous animals near his house, as he believes they have nested in his ceiling for three years.

However, it was certainly the first time he had caught the two snakes in such a compromising position.

Carpet pythons are non-venomous and so are not dangerous to humans, but anyone who is bitten by one is advised to have a tetanus injection.

Keith has previously spotted deadly brown snakes in his Ballina garden just 10 metres from his house, with these ones quickly being removed by a snake catcher.

Keith said: “We have seen this pair of snakes before, we know they go in our ceiling during the winter and then come out as the weather gets warmer.

“We don’t mind them being there, as it means we get no rats and mice in the house – the smell of the snakes keeps them away.

“I’ve seen snakes doing this before, but this is a month earlier than I would have expected to see them.

“But the last two days the temperature has been above 30 degrees in winter. It feels strange – and the snakes are acting accordingly.

“It is actually really important people in Australia know this could mean the really dangerous snakes are going to be waking up soon and we may have an early snake season.

“If the carpet pythons are doing it, the others will be too.”