Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

These adorable lion cubs show their true hunting instinct as they react to a drone being flown over their camp.

Filmed in July by Suzanne Scott at the GG conservation in Harrismith, South Africa, all six lions can be seen frolicking around as they chase the over head drone.

Suzanne said: “All six lions chased the drone but the lions who chased the drone most were the two alpha females of the pride, Lexi & Mohlolo.

“These are ones who have the strongest hunting instincts.

“They all liked the drone as soon as it started flying as it was something new to them and they were curious, maybe they thought it was some sort of strange bird, as they like chasing birds in their camp.”

The Lions, who are still classed as cubs until two-years-old, were being filmed to help raise funds for our lion charity.

Suzanne said: “They are all very playful and curious, they are cats after all!

“Our reactions are usually smiles as its nice to see them happily playing and having some enrichment.

“They particularly like something a bit different to usual like the drone and water tap.

“They generally do things because they are cats, and also just because they can.”

GG Conservation are a non-profit organisation, and to help the lions and assist them in looking after them, you can donate at HERE.