Amazing Video

By Jack Williams

This dizzying video and accompanying images use oilsoap and paint in order to create movements that feel otherworldly, psychedelically bursting from their surroundings.

Shot in extremely high resolution and at close range, the vibrant colours glide across the screen in director Thomas Blanchard’s “Galaxy Gates” creation.

What’s even more stunning is the fact that the final work only used around two percent of the footage Thomas and his photographer partner, Oilhack, were able to capture over the space of four months.

When working on the project, the duo mixed the chemicals in different variations; when a vibrant reaction was then triggered, they would start the camera rolling.


There was a lot of trial and error in such a process, Thomas, 31, said, as there are infinite possibilities for how much oil, paint and soap to mix.

Thomas, who is based near Lyon, France, said: “You make the mix, trigger the reaction, record it on camera, hope for everything will go as well as possible – and since it doesn’t in most cases, you have to dump everything and try again soon after.

“Every shot took about 10 minutes overall – and we took hundreds of them.

“Since our focus was on rendering on screen, we worked on very small scales.

“To be more precise, everything you see was filmed in a small container not any wider than the palm of your hand, and with a depth about the length of an index finger.”


More of Thomas and Oilhack’s collaborative work can be found on their website, We Are Colorful.

Galaxy Gates, at four months in total to create, was by far the longest project the pair have worked on.

Previously, “Kingdom of Colours” took one week to make; whereas “Emerald” was only worked on for a day.

Given the positive response the work has received since its release, Thomas plans to continue to experiment with the medium of chemicals and colour in the future.


Thomas said: “People have been very welcoming of the work.

“We have been receiving messages of thanks and congratulations everyday since the video came out.

“Some have also made some moving confessions, which was extremely humbling and made us realize that some people’s lives had been positively affected by what we do.

“It’s imperfect, with a lot of room for improvement.”