Animals Video

By David Aspinall

Forget fore, these golfers should have shouted paw when a strange dog chased down one of their pitch shots before returning the ball.

As David Reyes and his buddy Ken Johnson played at a country club in Geneva, Illinois, USA, they were confronted by a furry friend waiting by their second shot.

While Ken lined up his pitch shot, the patient pooch lay on the ground waiting for the ball to be struck before heading off in hot pursuit.

Much to the amusement of the pair, their canine caddy scooped up the shot in its mouth and ran the short distance back from the green before dropping the ball at Ken’s feet.

David said: “It was such a random experience that I had to get video evidence otherwise nobody would have believed me.

“I wanted to take the dog home with me as it would have made an excellent training partner.

“When we approached the third hole, we found this border collie sat next to the bunker.

“As we got closer, he ran into the sand, collected Ken’s shot and gently placed it on the grass before lying down ready for the next hit.

“We stayed and played with the dog for a few more shots on the same green but had to move on as we assumed other people wanted to use the course.

“It was a difficult decision.

“Nobody was walking around and there was no apparent place with an open gate so we have no idea where he came from.”