Life Video

By Janet Tappin Coelho and Sarah Francis

A teen magician has fed a hundred homeless people using an incr-EDIBLE magic trick.

Andrey Mandrake, 19, is helping rough sleepers by conjuring up a tasty free snack with the wave of his hand.

Every weekend, the young wizard, who lives in Curitiba, south Brazil, takes to the streets armed with his magic kit.

With a pot, matches and paper, the kind-hearted sorcerer uses sleight of hand to produce ham and cheese sandwiches for his stunned down-and-out audience.

Since last December, Andrey has been conjuring magic morsels every Sunday and has fed nearly a hundred hungry street dwellers so far.

Andrey said: “I’ve always wanted to make a difference to people’s lives.

“I’ve been practicing magic since I was 12 and love entertaining.


“I decided to adapt my tricks so they were not just about having fun and being full of surprises but they were also practical and generous as well.”

The tasty trick begins with Andrey approaching a homeless person and asking if they want to see a bit of magic.

Once he has their attention, the ingenious illusionist puts pieces of paper into the metal container and asks his spellbound spectator to strike a match and set fire to the contents.

As the flames rise, Andrey slams the lid on the pot and invites his intrigued onlooker to blow.

The talented alchemist rattles the lid and seconds later whips it off to reveal the fire has disappeared and inside is a freshly made sandwich wrapped in a plastic bag.

Andrey added: “Their reaction is the best part.

“Just to see the surprise and smile on their face gives me so much satisfaction.”


As an extra treat, the charitable spell-maker carries a hot flask in his back pack and completes the meal by pouring a cup of coffee for his enchanted participants.

Many can’t believe their eyes and describe Andrey’s deft hands as ‘miraculous’. Some are speechless by what they’ve just seen, while others cry.

All are grateful for the mouth-watering gesture and praise the youngsters’ initiative.


It all began when the considerate teen moved to Curitiba last year from his home town of Prudentópolis, some 150 miles away, to take up a job offer.

He was shocked to see people living on the streets.

He said: “It’s really rare to see rough sleepers where I come from. It upset me to see how hungry and cold they were and I wanted to do something to help.

“Even though my gesture is small I believe it improves the life of each person I meet, because the magic lights up their day and surprises them in a tasty way.”

Andrey has named his social action trick ‘Mágica da Solidariedade’ (magic of solidarity).

He spends around £8 a week from his own pocket buying the ingredients for 10 ham and cheese sandwiches and the hot drink.

Simone Regina Oliveira dos Santos, 26, who has lived rough since she was 14 said: “This has really made my day.

“A lot of people just criticise and dismiss us. They think we’re in this situation because we want to be.


“It’s a good thing there are people like this young man who has a heart of gold.”

Jorge Aníbal Pasaglia, 54, who has been homeless for two years, was a little suspicious when Andrey first approached him.

Jorge said: “I didn’t know what to think. But he got me hooked with his kind manner.

“I was so surprised when the sandwich appeared. He is an amazing young man with a very cool trick. I’m really thrilled he’s doing this.”

Andrey is accompanied by a friend Joilson Guilherme da Silva, 24, who acts as an assistant said he still gets emotional every time Andrey magics up his surprising snacks for the homeless.

The teen’s interest in magic started seven years ago when his school teacher noticed he had a knack for magical tricks and encouraged him to take it seriously.


Over the years, the youngster has honed his skills by watching television stars perform the art, learning from the internet and exchanging ideas with magicians from all over the country.

He’s increased his professionalism by taking several classes on the subject and he has thousands of followers on his YouTube site.

Andrey said: “Of course, I’m a magician who loves to perform amazing tricks, but I am also someone who likes to add a social twist.

“I want to use my talents to make a difference and I plan to be doing this for some time to come.”

However, he has no intention of spoiling the fun and refused to reveal how he does it.