Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta 

Even though same-sex marriage in India is illegal, two Indian men dared to tie the knot in a traditional ceremony in front of scores of guests.

However, the marital reunion was not a daring step taken for their love for each other but to woo rain God to shower his blessings.

Dressed in traditional attire, friends Sakaram Ahirwar and Rakesh Adjan, both already married with children, from Indore in Madhya Pradesh in central India, exchanged wedding vows in traditional Hindu customs.

The two friends, who work as labours, even organised a feast for their guests that included their wives and children.

“This marriage was solemnised to please the Gods to bless us with rains,” said Sakaram.

While the northeastern parts of the country is being lashed out by heavy rains, Madhya Pradesh, particularly Indore has received 20% less rainfall this year.

Due to scanty rainfall, the rivers are drying up leading to severe water scarcity n the state.

Distressed with the drought-like situation, the friends decided to get married to draw the attention of Lord Indra-the rain God.

Ramesh Singh Tomar, who organised the wedding, said: “After marriage of frogs and minor girls with dogs, I hit upon the idea of these men getting married to each other to draw attention of Lord Indra so he showers his blessings in the form of rain in this area.”

Ramesh, under whom both Sakaram and Rakesh work, said the idea was taken from the ‘western culture’ of same sex marriage.

Surprisingly, the guests, who were offered a lavish feast, were stunned when the monsoon that has bypassed the city for the past few days, showered its bounty just as the marriage was being solemnized.