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reversing fail

By David Keane

An exasperated lorry driver has revealed cringe-inducing footage of what he claims is the ‘worst reversing ever’ after an elderly man took more than TEN attempts to back up a STRAIGHT road.

Glenn Avery was travelling up the single track road in East Putford, North Devon, on Friday [July 28] with a friend when they came head to head with the pensioner.

Since the 41-year-old had a trailer attached to the back of his lorry he could not reverse however there was a clear passing point only a few yards behind the elderly driver’s Vauxhall Combo van.

Embarrassing footage shows the man repeatedly veer into the embankment as he tries to reverse down the straight road and he is forced to open his door to look behind him

Eventually Glenn, who can be heard screaming ‘are you f**king kidding me?’, gives up waiting and pulls into the passing point himself after the driver over-shot his reverse and missed the spot entirely.

In total, Glenn claims the embarrassing ‘farce’ lasted for more than three minutes and saw the driver take more than ten stabs at the simple manoeuvre.

Glenn, from Bideford, North Devon, said: “It was probably the worst reversing I have ever seen. I have seen people panic when they can’t do some manoeuvre but nothing like this.

“I don’t know what he was trying to attempt and I don’t think he knew either.

“It was unbelievable. I was laughing but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“I was on my way to a job and as we went down a single track lane we came to a stand-off where me and the other driver were looking at each other.

“I had nowhere to go but I could see a passing place on a few metres behind him – however he didn’t move and the stand-off lasted a good 30 seconds before he backed down.

“As soon as he started reversing he started to make such a hash of the job I knew I had to film it so I put my phone on record and propped it on the dashboard.

“He was taking ages – he must have taken 30 seconds of trying before I even started filming.

“I was wondering why he was opening his door. There’s no way he should need to do that on a straight road.

“I thought he was messing around at first but clearly he wasn’t.”

While Glenn saw the funny side after the frustration caught on camera had passed, he also believes this is an example of why there should be tests for elderly drivers to ensure they are still safe on the road.

Glenn said: “I couldn’t believe how he was driving. I thought ‘should he really be on the road?’ What if it had been an emergency service vehicle that had needed to get past in a rush?

“I do think older drivers should be retested. Pensioners should be able to drive, of course, they are not all the same. They don’t need taking off the road, I’m not saying that. We will all reach that age

“But there should be a test of some sort as reactions slow down [as we get older].

“My passenger was pretty stunned by it. He was laughing his head off – he’d never seen anything like it.

“When I shared it online people thought it was shocking – I got a lot of laughs on it.

“I shouted out of my window at the end to tell him to turn the wheel in future but he was totally oblivious. All the way through he was oblivious and wasn’t really aware of what a farce he had created at all.

“I almost thought it would have been quicker to have reversed back myself but there was not passing point behind me and I had a trailer on too.”