Video Viral

By Jack Williams

This is the hilarious moment a toddler fleeces her own dad by making him pay for lemonade before walking away.

As Timothy Soldan sits on his driveway in White Lake, Michigan, USA, he makes sure daughter Gabrielle looks after her drinks stand.

The entrepreneurial two-year-old wanders over to her dad with a cup of lemonade and holds her hand out for payment of 19 pence (25 cents).

Receiving the quarter, Gabrielle then turns away taking the paid for drink with her leaving her flabbergasted father to exasperatedly exclaim ‘I’ve been robbed’.

Timothy said: “Gabrielle and her older sister Olivia decided to sell some lemonade during our yard sale.

“I noticed Gabby bringing me some lemonade and just wanted to record her making her first sale.

“It turns out she’s not a very reliable business woman.

“She had not been this cheeky due to her illness which is auto immune hepatitis and polyendocrine syndrome type 1.

“Recently though she has turned it up a notch.”