Animals Video

By Brett Blundell

This pooch can’t stop doing the doggy paddle in owners pool!

Zeus, the two-year-old Rottweiler, loves swimming, even when his owner is forcing him to get out when he looks like he’s struggling.

Posing as though he’s struggling to swim, Zeus plods his paws in the water, dramatically trying to keep afloat.

Until his owner, Albertto Fyllo Mirea, tries to get him out of the water and Zeus swims to the opposite side of the pool.

And after all of the hassle of getting his pup out of the pool, he just leaps straight back in.

 Pic by Alberto Fyllo Mirea / Caters News 


Albertto said: “I seriously have no idea why my dog does this, I think he is still a big puppy and just loves the water.

“He jumps in to freshen himself, or to get a laugh out of it.

“Dogs are really smart animals – and this is just a goof ball!

“It was about 30 degrees Celsius, very sunny and just a beautiful day for a swim, until my dog decides to jump in before me.

” When I try to get him out he runs away from me so that I don’t catch him.

“Zeus can get out of the swimming pool alone when he is tired, but when he sees that someone is there giving him attention I think all he wants to do is make you laugh and find him hilarious.”