Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

An underwater photographer saw past the disguise of an unusual looking fish who camouflages into its environment so well it is virtually invisible.

Vital Bazarov, a professional in the field of amateur and technical diving, was on a dive on the coast of Dehab, Eygpt, when he somehow managed to spot the sly little swimmer.

The official name for the fish is the Eurypegasus draconis, also known as a Dragonfish or sea moth and are often no bigger than 180 mm long.

Pic by Vital Bazarov/Caters News


Vital said: “The fish commonly occur in relatively shallow coastal waters in open sand or mud substrate in calm areas.

“A curious behavior seen in these fish is that they sheds their skins in one piece, probably every one to five days.”

The fish are believed to change their colour to match their environment

Vital has been working in the diving field for many years and has completed more than 5,000 dives.