Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This is the adorable moment that a confused toddler convinced herself that she had lost her ELBOWS.

With tears in her eyes and her bottom lip poking out, Kynadi Cochran, 2, looked to the camera and told her mother, Shar’day, how her elbows are lost.

As Shar’day questioned why they are lost, lovable Kynadi then showed her mother her elbows, trying to highlight to her that they had gone missing.

In fact, Shar’day, 30, said, it was most likely that Kynadi’s elbows had disappeared under her pajamas, as she was wearing a long-sleeved top at the time the video was made.

The innocent footage was filmed at the family’s home in Krum, Texas, USA, last month.

Later that evening, Kynadi did eventually find her elbows, Shar’day said.

Shar’day said: “A lot of people have told me it was hilarious and innocent.

“I thought the footage showed how genuine toddlers can be – but it was also hilarious.

“When I got her dressed, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said she was sad and I asked her why.

“She said she couldn’t find her elbows.

“I suspect she thought she lost them because she had on a long sleeve pajama shirt.

“She did eventually find them when her shirt was removed.”