Nature Video

By Jack Williams

This amazing footage shows the phenomenal power and scale of nature, as a giant iceberg completely flips.

In the crystal-clear footage, the iceberg continues to rotate for more than 30 seconds, eventually settling at a new angle.

PIC BY MATT SZUNDY / CATERS CLIPS – Having turned 90 degrees, the iceberg momentarily comes to rest.

The moment was captured by Charlotte Gann, 64, at Glacier Lagoon, Iceland.

It was caused by a natural change in buoyancy of the iceberg, with the top half of the berg melting off, resulting in a tipping point.

With 90 percent of icebergs believed by experts to be underwater, Charlotte, who was standing on a packed tour boat, felt extremely fortunate to get as close as she did – and to capture the entire moment on video.

PIC BY MATT SZUNDY/ CATERS CLIPS -The tip of an iceberg can be seen above the surface of Spencer Glacial terminal lake

Luckily, she said, none of her fellow passengers on July 16 jostled her, allowing the keen sailor and yacht racer to shoot crisp footage of the event.

Charlotte, from from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, said: “It was thrilling to capture the moment.

“Friends and family were pretty excited [when they saw the video].

“They said it made them feel part of our journey.”