Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

Shake that thing! Lola the Frenchie both break dances and twerks to R Kelly’s ‘Ignition’.

The one-and-a-half year old French Bulldog can’t resist breaking out the moves when she hears her favourite song.

But aside from that, her owner thinks it could be a cry for attention when she’s busy working.

Pic by Cait Deane/Caters News 

Cait Deane, who adopted Lola last month, said that this is one of her pup’s favourite hobbies.

Cait said: “We were in the living room doing our daily routine, with me working on some art and listening to some music.

“I believe she does it to entertain herself, but I definitely think it’s for attention as well.

“She doesn’t have any conditions that would cause her to do it out of distress, so it is my belief she is doing it as an act of joy.

Pic by Cait Deane/Caters News 

“When I first saw it I couldn’t believe it, I have never seen a dog whirl themselves around like that.

“It immediately made me burst into laughter, along with everyone else who lives in the house.

“She does it when she is seeking attention or when she is very excited, and we love it.

“Everyone who has seen her do her little dance has been bamboozled by it as it is completely a-typical behaviour.”