Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta 

This is the hilarious moment an American Cocker Spaniel tries to blame his little brother and then kiss his owner when he is busted eating spaghetti.

The funny video was captured by Ashli Firley from Pennsylvania, a dog whisperer who owns three dogs and a kitten and help her friends raising up their pets.

After dinner with her friend, Ashli had thrown the box of chicken parmesan spaghetti in the fire-pit and went into her room to make bed, not knowing her dog Monster will get hold of the left-over food.

PIC BY ASHLI FARLEY / CATERS NEWS – 9-year old American Cocker Spaniel Monster in a jolly good mood.

But few minutes later, her nine-year-old Spaniel came running to her room with spaghetti sauce covered all over his face, ears, head and even on his paws.

Monster’s little brother Ruger, one, also joined him in the room, both excited and wagging their tails.

Surprised with all the sauce on his face, when Ashli asked Monster if he ate spaghetti, the smart dog put the blame on his younger brother.

In the video, Ashli can be heard asking Monster “who got in the spaghetti?”

Taken aback by his mother’s reaction, little Monster first tries to evade her question, still licking off the sauce from his face. But when he is asked again, Monster looks at his younger brother Ruger, blaming him for the mess.

However, Ashli does not seem convinced and is heard saying, “I do not figure it was him, I figure it was you.” To this, a guilty Monster walks up to her lap and tries to give her face a quick lick wash.

PIC BY ASHLI FARLEY / CATERS NEWS- Monster posing for the camera

Ashli can be heard bursting into laughter and saying “you think that kiss gonna make it better”, to which Monster runs to a pile of dirty clothes and wipe off his face.

Ashly said: “He looked very guilty and tried to blame his brother and then tried to kiss me. But when that did not work, he tried to wipe away the evidence by cleaning his face off on the pile of dirty clothes.

“It was really funny. Monster is such a momma’s boy and is super well-behaved and punishes himself with guilt whenever he does wrong. And Ruger is a stink pot who always get into things.”