Offbeat Video


By Micheal Scott

A man has taken slacklining to the extreme by performing a handstand between two cable cars.

Samuel Volery, 33, from Switzerland and Louise Lenoble, 25, currently living in France, travelled to Moleson, a tourist mountain in Samuel’s home country, to attend the ‘Highline Extreme’ yearly event.

Pic by Martin Knobel/Caters News – Louise Lenoble, 25 walks a slackline between 2 cable cars on the mountain of Moleson in Switzerland.

Sam said: “It was always my dream to walk between cable cars, as it feels much more exposed than just walking normal highlines.

“It is also an interesting challenge to deal with the additional movements of the cars.

“So once we got permission to do it I couldn’t resist anymore.

Pic by Martin Knobel/Caters News – Samuel Volery, 33 hangsby his feet on a slackfline.

“Louise didn’t know anything about slacklining until a year ago, but from that moment on she knew that she wanted to walk in the skies.”

Samuel is so passionate about his hobby that he set up, Slacktivity, a company that produces slack lines.

He said: “I except that it was the first handstand and the steepest highline ever walked.

“It was great fun!”

Pic by Tobias Rodenkirch/Caters News 

Many people would have safety concerns about such a dangerous hobby but Samuel has no worries when it comes to stepping out on the line.

He said: “There hasn’t been a serious accident in highlining in many years, so this sport is not considered to be very dangerous, as long as we are secured.

“It is much harder to walk that steep, I almost started sliding down at the end of the line.

“I have to be careful not to tumble backwards.”

The stunning images were captured by Martin Knobel a professional photographer from Switzerland.