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Bilal Kuchay

Footage from Bangalore, India, has captured the tragic moments of a monkey mum carrying around her lifeless baby for several days.

The baby monkey tragically died after coming into contact with high-tension wires passing near by the trees.

Residents say the mother had been carrying the baby around for several days –an apparent refusal to accept baby’s passing.

The troop of monkeys had made the town of Mulbagal their home, unaware of the danger the high tension wires passing near the trees posed.

The juvenile monkey tragically came into contact with the wire and instantly fell to the ground after being electrocuted.

Locals then describe the mother rushing to the fallen baby and attempting to revive it.

Another female member of the troop took notice and joined in the attempts to revive the lifeless baby.

Before leaving the town of Mulbagal, locals say the monkey mother was seen carrying around the lifeless baby for several days – while walking on walls and climbing up trees.