By Charles Wade-Palmer

A dog lover has created a range of pet ARMOUR – to protect smaller pooches being attacked by bigger dogs.

Bradley Davis, 44, and wife Rachael, 45, from Essex, launched Doggy Armour last year to prevent serious injury from dog attacks – and to protect service dogs from harm while in the line of duty.

PIC FROM Caters News

Bradley said: “We’re now offering a tailoring service anywhere in the world, we will fly with the there with all our kit and provide an entirely unique and personal jacket to protect the dogs.

“Some of our high end clients not only want to protect their dogs but also want them to look good as well.”

The husband and wife team founded Doggy Armour out of a concern for dogs vulnerable from savage attacks  – from other dogs or people.

The armour itself includes a protective collar and is made from material which the manufacturer claims is military grade for its strength and durability.

PIC FROM Caters News

Deciding to go one better than sizes small, medium and large, Bradley is the first to offer a tailoring service for dogs and he will go wherever needed.

“It’s been very, very busy- not over the top- but busy considering we only developed the jackets for our dog Tilly.

“We get inquiries from all over the world, even places you wouldn’t expect like Spain and Turkey who love the jackets.

To reach high end customers, Bradley has teamed up with Marcel Knobil, the founder of online luxury service provider, Very First To, who saw an opportunity in tailoring.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Prices start at £175 if clients want to come to our offices in Essex but for anywhere else it all depends on location as travel costs obviously need to be covered.

“We do a lot for working dogs who we donate a percentage of our profits towards, because they’re doing a job protecting us and I feel we should give back to them.

“A lot of working dogs aren’t protected, and we wanted to do what we could to change that and it just shows how strong the doggy armour is.”