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By Jack Williams

This adorable youngster has an extremely rare condition that naturally makes her hair as wild as Einstein’s.

Shilah Calvert-Yin’s insane blonde locks are caused by a condition known as Uncombable Hair Syndrome, which is believed to impact only around 100 people worldwide.

Seven-year-old Shilah, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, said that she is a fan of her unique hair, despite the amount of attention it requires and gets from people on the street.


In the past she has been compared by people to Doc Brown from “Back To The Future” – something Shilah doesn’t mind, as it is one of her family’s favourite movies.

Shilah said: “It’s not ordinary and it’s not boring like everyone else’s.

“Everyone knows me and remembers me – especially at school; all the grade levels know who I am.


“I think my friends wish they had hair like mine.”

Yet, no matter how much Shilah and her mother, Celeste, 36, comb her hair, the pair still cannot control it.

The family had no idea about Shilah’s condition until about nine months ago, when a doctor informed them of UHS.


When explaining to others, Celeste said, people usually think it’s a joke, or are completely intrigued by the condition and end up googling it.

The syndrome is caused by a mutation to one of three genes – PADI3, TGM3 and TCHH – and though there is no cure, it is believed to become more manageable with age.


In order to show off her fine hair, Shilah and her family also created an Instagram account, so that others could also learn from how the condition changes with age.

The youngster has also tried her hand at modelling – something her family hope will show the positive side of embracing such a condition.

Celeste said: “Shilah draws attention everywhere she goes and always has since her hair grew through at about three months old.


“Her older brother, Taelan, has been a fantastic support when other children make comments towards her or even touch her.

“Having said that, adults can be just as juvenile and say some of the most random things or take photos of her and even touch her hair.

“Shilah is used to all the attention and has begun to manipulate and work situations in her favor.

“Hence why we decided that modelling will embrace her unique look and she has the personality and attitude to pull it off.”