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By Ellie Duncombe

This is the incredible moment a huge elephant scared off a pack of wild dogs before charging towards a police car and terrified motorists at a tourist hotspot.

The amazing encounter was caught on camera by holidaymaker, Beryl Venter, and shows the elephant striding out of the bushes and straight onto a road near Kruger National Park.

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After taking on dozens of wild dogs, the elephant can be seen turning its attention to a police car which quickly reverses in a desperate bid to get out of the path of the charging animal.

Beryl, who was towing a caravan and was unable to reverse, managed to film the terrifying moment before a fellow motorist beeped their horn and eventually scared the huge elephant off.

Beryl said: “We were on our way home from Letaba after a five-week stay in Kruger.

“We were feeling very depressed and not expecting any ‘wow’ sightings when we suddenly saw a group of wild dogs running around and playing in the road.

“We were taking photos when we heard an elephant in the bushes and noticed a few dogs started running away.

“Suddenly the elephant burst from out of the bushes and starting chasing a few of the dogs. Luckily, they were running away from us.

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“The elephant then turned around and ran towards us.

“We could not reverse because we had the caravan on tow and another vehicle was behind us.

“The elephant kept on running and the other vehicle blew its hooter. Only then did the elephant stop.

“He threw his trunk over his tusks as if to say he was done with us and very calmly walked into the bush. By then most of the dogs were gone.

“Only at home when we watched the video did we realise how close the elephant came to us.

“The story could have ended very differently if the elephant kept on running towards us and the other vehicle did not hoot.

“For sure the hooter stopped the elephant. This is a sighting we will never forget and that is what makes Kruger so very special.”