By Michael Scott

Synchronised splashing – this is the rare sight of two humpback whales breaching at the same time.

Danny Sullivan, 56, witnessed the extraordinary scene on the waters outside of Juneau, Alaska.

Danny Sullivan/Caters News 

The keen photographer was with a tour guide as they watched the group of seven whales feed in the water.

After around four hours two of the whales flew into the air, causing a huge splash around them.

Danny, from Los Angeles, USA, said: “It’s always magical to see the whales as they swim by the boat.

Danny Sullivan/Caters News 

“But I was more shocked than anything to see two whales breach at the same time.

“I was lucky that I had my camera ready since a couple of other whales breached right before the double breach.

“I was part of a photo group with Wild Compass Photographic Tours, run by Shayne McGuire.

“We were out with Capt. Kevin Burchfield of Lost In Alaska Adventures on his boat, Wolf Eel.

“The experience was great.”