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By Sarah Francis

A mummy blogger revealed she beat postpartum depression by exercising with her kids.

Juca Csíkos Andrásné, 27, was able to find ‘me-time’ by incorporating her three daughters into her daily workout routine.


Now she works out three times a week for 30 minutes with inventive and heartwarming sets that include her daughters practicing their own moves with their dolls.

Juca from Pecs, Hungary said: “My husband inspired me, he wanted me to find a hobby I could do at home with my girls.


“I was very depressed after the first pregnancy. That was my first and I was beginner and didn’t have help at home, I was just 24 years old.

“So I started to do the exercises, and I got more and more followers with my ideas. My three girls are best inspiration for me.

“Sometimes, when I am not feeling like working out, I’ll see them and just start using them as weights, lifting or planking with them.


“Now my twins even ask me what exercises we are going to do that day.”

Juca, who also has five month old Dorka, posts videos online to inspire others mum and has over 70k followers on: @active_mum_life

She added: “Everybody needs ‘me time.’

” I want mums to know that if they find the great hobby for them they will feel better themselves. I find my lovely hobby with my kids.

“You don’t need to go to gym. You can be fit at home.”