Animals Video


Heartwarming footage from Hyderabad, India, has captured the moment a dog is rescued after becoming trapped between two walls.

The rescue was carried out by Animal Warriors India.

Pradeep Nair, a veteran rescuer of 12 years and founder of Animal Warriors India, established the organization to provide people an opportunity to learn how animal rescues are conducted.


“We got a call late in the evening about a dog being stuck between two walls,” said Pradeep.

Upon arriving at the scene Pradeep was able to deduce that the dog had initially been walking on top of the wall.

A slip ultimately resulted in the dog falling into the gap between the walls.

“The dog must have panicked after falling in and moved further forward in an attempt to get out.”

Unfortunately the gap between to two walls became even narrower the further the dog moved forward.

“The dog moved forward to a point where it was completely stuck and unable to move.”

A decision was made that the only way to rescue the dog without harming it would be to break one of the walls.


Unfortunately both walls were private property and Pradeep describes the challenge of getting permission from the owners first.

“We had to wait for the owner of the property to arrive in order to get permission to break the wall.”

“All the while the conditions were terrible – very poor light and mosquitos everywhere.”

Upon securing permission the Animal Warriors team began chipping away at the wall.

“We chipped away inch by inch, being careful not to injure the animal.”

Eventually the hole was big enough for a volunteer to reach in and pull the terrified dog to safety.

“We eventually got a hold of the terrified dog – he was surprisingly calm.”

After being inspected for injuries and being given the all clear the dog was released.