Animals Video

By Bethany Gleave

A mum-of-two receives extra help around the house thanks to her two large slobbering dogs who have a fixation for ‘cleaning the windows’ – with their tongues.


Monica Baker, 38, claims the two boxer dogs are trying to help her keep on top of her household chores by cleaning the windows on the sliding doors however says the duo are in fact causing more mess with their saliva.

Hilarious footage shows five-year-old Roxy and her two-year-old pup Boss almost in sync as they drag their tongues across the glass, appearing to try to cover every corner of the window.


Qualified veterinary nurse Monica, from Capel, Western Australia, said: “They are very cheeky, they take over our house but they get away with everything because they are cute, they’re always doing stupid things.

“I think they are trying to help me by cleaning the windows for me but ultimately they just create even more mess for me to clean.


“My friends keep joking that at least I am saving money on a window cleaner but by licking the windows they need cleaning more often.

“I know they are trying but it’s not very helpful.

“Boss goes the hardest when he is licking the windows, but Roxy enjoys it and joins in too.

“They do everything together, they have a great bond, especially as they are mother and son.


“I didn’t notice that Roxy did it so often until Boss was born, I think Roxy used to do it but I never took much notice.

“When Boss was a pup he used to scratch and lick at all of the wooden doors whenever he wanted to go for a walk, as well as attempting to help me clean the sliding glass doors.”

Roxy was just seven weeks old when she came to live with Monica, her husband Tim, 39, and two children Chloe, nine, and Kodee, eight.

While it may appear the boxers are trying to help with chores, Monica believes that the pair could be trying to show how much they love her and her family through the glass.


Monica said: “If I’m outside mowing the lawn I need to keep them inside because they just jump everywhere that’s when I started to notice them doing it.

“I think they start to lick the door as I’m on the other side of it and they can’t get to me.

“They both lick everyone they see, they’re really friendly dogs and like to show it.

“The kids’ friends often ask us to keep the dogs away as they just love to lick people.

“The dogs are great with the kids though, they all love each other.


“Boss grew up with them so they get on really well, but the kids can sometimes be a bit rough with Roxy so she can be a bit uninterested in them but she’s never snapped at them for it.

“We have a cat too so I have my hands pretty full with the three animals and two children but I love it.

“Roxy and the cat don’t really get on either but Boss and the cat are great friends they always play together.

“They all sleep on our bed so they have to get along.”