Video Viral

By Ben Walley

Golf trick shots have just been taken to another level.

Coach Simon Antony Smith, 25, is constantly thinking up new ways adding magic to the green.


From reinventing the chip to lighting a match with the swing of a club, Simon has filmed himself perform the extraordinary with a club and ball.

Simon  from Newbury, Berks,said: “We started messing about doing the tricks before we were any good at golf.

“Just something I have always done when practising on and off the golf course. However nowadays I seem to practising it a lot!

“I started my Instagram account off the back of my first Trickshot that went viral and collectively got about eight million views across all social media platforms and to this day I still think that was the easiest one.


“I don’t sleep, I just spend all the time thinking of new ideas and then ask family and friends for ideas. People who don’t play golf come up with the best ideas.

“It is hard to be original as there are loads of people doing golf trick-shots now. The art of it now is doing a simple shot that no one has ever thought about before. Plus adding a good caption that people can relate to helps.

“My favourite shot has to be my first one with the two concrete slabs as without that being so successful, I would never had started this journey of trick-shots.


“I know I can produce all the shots but it’s the experience I lack and it’s the journey over the next ten years that will be a true testament to whether I have what it takes to become a tour player.

“One thing I do know is, it won’t be ten years wasted.”