By Jamie Smith

This dolphin has been caught flying… without wings.

The aquatic mammal has been pictured mid-air, whilst back flipping.

Pic by Peter Lewis/Caters News

Despite regularly being seen jumping through the waves, it is very rare that they are pictured in such a position.

Let alone in the seas of Scotland!

Pic by Peter Lewis/Caters News

Peter Lewis caught this shot at Chanonry Point in the town of Fortrose.

Peter said: “My friend and I had gone on a trip to photograph mountain hares in Invernesshire  and then on a whim decided to go and see if the dolphins were going to perform.

Pic by Peter Lewis/Caters News

“One of the dolphins was breaching the water and that was the shot the whole beach was trying to catch.

Pic by Peter Lewis/Caters News

“I was pleased to see that I had caught the whole sequence and I especially like the one of it just entering the water.”