Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

A woman was completely stunned when a magic trick turns into a proposal surprise, moving her to tears.

In front of the ‘Eiffel Tower,’ outside the Paris Casino in Las Vegas, USA, Kevin has a very special question to ask his long-term partner, Alyssa –

with the help of some Vegas magic.


Approached by veteran magician Rob Anderson on their first day in Sin City, Alyssa is none the wiser when the resident trickster offers to put on a romantic-themed show for the loved-up couple.

Asking her to hold onto an empty pouch, Rob performs a series of mesmerizing tricks for the doting duo, all of which focus on the theme of love.

Joking that if Kevin likes it, he should ‘put a ring on it’, Rob makes his own ring disappear, assuring Alyssa that it will appear in the pouch

placed in her back pocket.

Opening the pouch, Alyssa is left confused when an engagement ring appears to fall out of it, but after Rob passes it to Kevin, who gets down on one knee, the bride-to-be is overcome with emotion.


Rob, whose website is, said: “I’ve performed magic all over Vegas and the world, but nothing compares to the surprise and joy on a girl’s face during her marriage proposal.

“She was in total shock; she had no idea what was coming.

“She thought she was just watching a street performer, but when the engagement ring appeared, she realised it was much more than that.

“Each couple I’ve helped become engaged has their own story, and I absolutely, love being a part of that.

“I’m always so happy for them and stay in contact with them afterwards, and they tell me it’s a moment they’ll never forget – that’s a huge compliment.

“I started doing with magic when I was about five-years-old and by the time I got to college I realised I wanted to move to Vegas and do it full time.

“Since then, I’ve hosted my own TV show, received millions of views on YouTube, and performed shows all over the world.”