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This wild hippo decides to make a quick pit stop at a local petrol station.

Incredible footage from St Lucia, South Africa, captured the moment the lumbering beast pops in hunting for a fill up.

It sparked panic as motorists ran for cover but brave Innes Minnie captured the video while he was out buying snacks.

It was a routine pit stop for Innes, until he got back in his car and spied the hippo.

He said: “I popped into the quick shop at our town’s only filling station to get a snack and cool drink.

“As I got in the car and exited a hippo decided to turn in.


“The petrol attendants moved into the store and waited as the hippo wandered through the station.”

Despite appearing harmless hippos are considered amongst the most dangerous animals in the world.

Their aggressiveness and unpredictable nature is well documented.

Innes was unfazed and instead decided this would be a great opportunity to test the camera on his new phone.

He added: “I was not too fazed, I just thought it would be a great opportunity to test the new phones camera.”

The hippo calmly moved on from the gas station and walked down the main road for another 100 meters before turning into a nearby neighbourhood.

Eventually the hippo ended up grazing on a local’s lawn.

When asked for a reaction on the whole situation Innes responded: “Whether it wanted unleaded or diesel I don’t know, but it is very welcome to Africa!”