Animals Video

By Ben Walley

seal could not let a diver climb out from underwater without taking its picture first.

William Drumm, 31, photographer and filmmaker was on his way out from a dive in Monterey, California, USA when a young harbour seal got very friendly.

The confident seal was captured hilariously swimming in circles around William and even coming face-to-face with him and his camera as it wanted all the attention it could get.

William said: “Young harbour seals are often interested in divers. I was diving by myself in the late afternoon when after an uneventful dive, the little seal swam up to me,

“It proceeded to come up to me and even chew on my fins for what seemed like a really long time but was actually probably around ten minutes.

“My favourite place to travel to is all over the California coast, especially Big Sur and Monterey Bay.

“Monterey Bay has incredible kelp forests, and crazy amounts of biodiversity, thanks to it being located next to the Monterey Canyon, a huge deep sea trench located just offshore.”