Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

An adorable pack of three-week-old wild dogs were ushered out of their den by their parents before feeding.

Massimo da Silva, 30, an online marketing and wildlife photographer captured the cute youngsters at the Timbavati Game Reserve while on safari with Makanyi Private Game Lodge.

Massimo kept his fingers crossed that wild puppies would come out where adults were standing but could not have anticipated they would be so young.

Massimo said: “I enjoy the African bush and capturing special moments the present themselves in front of the lens.

“Seven pups are seen however this is the youngest I have ever seen them at just three weeks old at the time of filming

“I went to check up on them last week again and they’re all doing great.

“The adults were all around the den and we were hoping for the pups to come out. We were just about to leave when an adult came to the den entrance and out came the most adorable pups I have seen.

“I was in two minds do I focus on filming or rather capture moments with stills.

“Lucky enough I was able to do both and it brings me great delight to be able to share this moment with as many people as possible through the footage.”