Offbeat Video

By Sophie Norris

A young couple caught footage of what they believe could be the ghost of a female servant at a palace where it is believed she died in a fire in the 18th century.

Danielle Hyde, 21, and Savanna Brown, 23, visited Tryon Palace in North Carolina, US, on Sunday for a day out when Danielle filmed a Snapchat video of the interior.

Spooky footage shows the ‘ghostly figure’ of what appears to be a woman in period dress walk past the doorway, while carrying a basket.

The duo believe the lady could be the spirit of a servant who perished in a blaze at the palace in 1798, which began in the cellar and engulfed much of the building.

Danielle, from Goldsboro, said: “The palace is actually known for being haunted. There was a fire there in 1798 and I believe it started where the servants used to live.

“It was like she was see-through. You couldn’t see her back at all as it was mostly out of the picture.

“Her silhouette wasn’t very detailed, you can’t make out the colour of her hair for example.

“It’s hard to tell but I think she was a younger woman and she was wearing what looked like a servant’s dress and carrying a basket.

“I think because of how old the building was and the history, it did feel eerie.

“We were just going around on the tour and listening to the guide. I wasn’t trying to capture anything specific but showing the surroundings.

“I only noticed the ghostly figure in the background when my cousin messaged me saying ‘is that a ghost?'”

After Danielle had uploaded the video to Snapchat, she still had no idea about the ghost until she watched it back.

When she returned home she did some more research into the history of the palace and discovered the story of the tragic fire.

Danielle said: “I hadn’t noticed her whilst I was in the room, it was only when I went back to look over the video that I saw her.

“I didn’t really think anything of it because I’ve had ghostly things happen to me before, like hearing footsteps on the stairs or paintings falling off walls with being knocked. Little things like that.

“Nonetheless, people don’t typically capture this stuff on camera.

“When we were down in the cellar it was freezing, yet the windows weren’t open and it was hot outside.”