By Laura Dale

This little girl is braver than most! Swimming just inches from a huge carnivorous polar bear.

The incredible snap shows the bear looming behind the tiny girl but there’s more to the picture than meets the eye, as in fact the youngster is protected from imminent danger by a 10-inch thick piece of plexiglas.

Both the little girl and the bear are actually very safely taking part in an amazing initiative by the owners of Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, Canada, in a attempt to promote awareness about the animals.

Pic by Caters News

The sanctuary only takes in rescued bears from the wild and through letting visitors get so close they hope to help understanding and reduce hunting in the wild.

A spokesperson at the centre said: “Everything our bears do is dependent on their choice.

“So, for the swim experience for example, if a bear goes into the pool and up to the glass when someone’s in there it’s even more special because he’s chosen to do it on his own without any outside motivation like food or because of not having access somewhere else.

“The deep lake enclosure is the biggest in the world at five hectares and when the polar bears swim in there it’s the closest thing to the wild of any human care facility.”