Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

These playful meerkats prove life isn’t always SIMPLES as they play fight in this adorable video footage.

The cute pups can be seen squaring up to each other as they bicker at their home in Oudtshoorn, South Africa before heading out for the day scavenging.

Pic by Laura Whittaker/Caters News 

The harmless grapple was caught on camera by Laura Whittaker, who was on a meerkat experience trip with her family.

Laura assumed her position before sunrise and waited patiently for the meerkats to emerge from their den.

She then spent around three hours watching them play fight before they worked up an appetite and eventually ran off looking for food.

Pic by Laura Whittaker/Caters News 

She said: “I think there were about 14 meerkats altogether. It’s hard to tell as they come up at different times and move around changing positions.

“One usually stands guard whilst the others warm up, scavenge and play.

“Meerkats are so cute and wonderful to watch.

Pic by Laura Whittaker/Caters News 

“I have always wanted to do this and I was worried that it would be disappointing after such a long build up but honestly it is one of the best things I have ever done.

“This is the only place in the world where meerkats can be viewed completely in the wild.

“There is no human interaction at all with them so their behaviour is not altered in any way.”