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flash floods

By Sophie Norris

A builder has captured shocking footage of Cornwall’s devastating flash floods that shows people struggling against raging water that left people blocked in houses and nursing homes.

Trevor Bastian, 55, had been working on a building site in the nearby village of Coverack at around 2pm on Tuesday when a ‘frightening’ storm left many residents trapped in their homes.

One elderly couple were rescued from their home by fire fighters after it ‘flooded top and bottom’, but it is believed they were thankfully uninjured.


Footage shows torrents of water flowing at high speed down the roads as residents struggle against the current, while water is seen creating waterfalls from the walls of a house.

Other photos taken by Trevor show the devastation left in the wake of the flood, with roads ripped up, cars left strewn across the road and hailstones the size of marbles.

It is estimated damaged could cost the local council millions of pounds and repair work is expected to continue for months.

Trevor, from Helston, Cornwall, said: “It was just unbelievable. The hailstones were massive.

“To be working outside in that weather was actually painful. The hailstones were pounding down on us and hardly anyone was around.

“Everybody was running for cover. Unless you are actually here, you can’t appreciate how bad it is – there’s a strange feeling.”

The rain started at around 2pm yesterday and continued until around 5pm.

The thunder and lightning continued for around two hours, along with hailstones that smashed windows and battered locals on the streets.

Trevor said: “It was pretty scary to have to leave the site due to the weather and be worried about getting home.

“In the shed where we go to have our lunch, the windows were smashed.


“I was walking down the road and the water was only about three inches deep by this point, but the force of the water nearly pushed me along.

“By the end, it was over my wellington boots, above my knees – it’s terrible.  The water is up to six feet high in places.

“I feel the need to just get home safely. I’ve been sending my wife texts to let her know I’m okay.”

As the weather settled, Trevor reported a fire engine and helicopter arrived on the scene and an elderly couple in their seventies were evacuated from their homes. He believes they were uninjured.

Other houses that backed onto one of the streams in Caverack are said to be flooded ‘upstairs and down’ and one of the two roads that give access to the village is ‘totally destroyed’.

Trevor said: “A lot of the houses back onto one of the streams that overflowed and before long it became a raging torrent.

“The main road in and out of the village is completely cut off and some of those houses were severely flooded.

“The house we are building has been left covered in mud and debris which will take us weeks to clear out before we can get back to where we were.

“People reckon it is going to be cut off for at least two weeks with no traffic able to get through. The main road is totally destroyed.

“Luckily, the schools and some shops aren’t in the affected areas, but the old peoples’ home is cut off and I don’t know how they will get their supplies.

“Where I had parked my car, the water had forced another one into mine and I’ve got damage on it.

“The car will be stuck there for a few weeks I suspect because I can’t get it out due to the roads.”

A spokesperson from Cornwall Council said there is currently a meeting taking between all the relevant agencies and concerned residents.

A spokesperson from Porthgwara Nursing Home confirmed that the roads had blocked access to the residence and claimed a meeting was taking place this morning to discuss recovery work in the village.