By Jack Williams

This hilarious snap shows how a mighty ant fancied its chances of taking on a much larger gecko.

The insect, on its back four legs, appears to be pulling the lizard from a leaf above, the gecko’s tail clamped in the fire ant’s mandibles as it attempts to move the gecko.

Wei Fu, a wildlife photographer, shot the well-timed image at Rama 9 Park in Bangkok, Thailand.


The 56-year-old said he searched through a bush to find a suitable insect to shoot, only to come across the baby gecko being tugged at by the ant.

Wei, who shot the image on September 9, 2016, said: “I found the little gecko baby trying to run away from the ant; the gecko’s tail was bitten tightly.

“The ant tried to pull the gecko off from the leaf and I quickly focused and held my breath, clicking the shutter to catch this moment.

“After struggling desperately for a few seconds, the gecko baby got rid of ant and ran away.

“The fire ant is common insect and very tough, no matter how big their prey.”