Animals Video

By Charles Wade-Palmer

A chatty husky sounds as though it she telling her carer she does not like the rain.

Even dogs have had it with the unpredictable British weather at least that is what Taska the Husky sounds as though she is howling.

Pic by Laura Dale / Caters News

Hailed by staff at animal re-homing charity Blue Cross as the world’s most intelligent dog, Taska has astounded them with her grasp of the English language.

Andrea Embling, 27, Operations supervisor at Blue Cross said: “I’ve never met a dog who has spoken quite like that, obviously there are some clips on Youtube but this is the first video I’ve seen completely unedited.

“Taska is very entertaining and very sweet.

Officer Louise Lee said: “While in foster care she enjoys little chats with her carer, as you can hear in this video she isn’t keen on rain it’s amazing.”

When asked by carer Caroline Oram how she feels about going on a walk in the rain, Taska incredibly responds with what sounds like, ‘I don’t like the rain’.

Talking Taska, nine, is waiting for a potential new owner to collect her from Blue Cross in Bromsgrove, Worcs, where she is considered to be the most intelligent Husky in the country.

Not only has she been caught on camera speaking, she has also been discovered taking a night time walk in the care centre’s garden after a Howl-dini style break out.

Pic by Laura Dale / Caters News

Andrea said: “Taska is just Taska she just does as she pleases. She has only spoken to her carer but has been bringing a lot of fun and laughter to us all.

“She is probably the only dog in the world to ever refuse walkies because she wants to stay dry.”

Louise said: “She was not coping well in kennels so we placed her in the quieter puppy unit.

“One day she somehow managed to open the spring bolted barred door to her kennel.

Pic by Laura Dale / Caters News

“She got into the puppy unit passageway where she somehow slid open the French window style door into the staff break area and promptly helped herself to five donuts from the table.

“She then pushed open the fire door and took herself for a walk across the grounds where she was spotted by centre staff who first thought it was a dog on a walk with their owner but soon realised it was our own Taska have a mooch.”