By Michael Scott 

Snoopy and Doby love nothing more than being dressed up by their owner, Shirley Cheung, 28.

Pic by DailySnoopy/Caters News

Shirley, from Toronto, Canada, decided to document her beloved moggies’ daily cat-tivities, and later came up with the idea of dressing them up in hilarious handmade costumes.

Pic by DailySnoopy/Caters News

The costumes range from SpongeBob Square Pants and Captain America to the Disney princess Snow White and the famous duo, Batman and Robin.

Pic by DailySnoopy/Caters News

The felines are from the exotic short hair breed, and are similar to the short hair Persian.

And despite their rather grumpy looking expression, Shirley insists that there is nothing that makes them happier than getting into their favourite costumes.

**MANDITORY BYLINE** Pic by DailySnoopy/Caters News

Shirley said: “We’ve been making the costumes for quite a while now.

“People seem to love seeing the cats pose for the camera, and they leave heartwarming comments which is great.

Pic by DailySnoopy/Caters News

“It’s really great to know the cats can bring a smile to so many people’s faces around the world.

“It is really hard to pick a favorite outfit as they’re all so amazing.

Pic by DailySnoopy/Caters News

“But if I had to pick one it would have to be Batcat and Dobin (Batman and Robin).

“It really reflects how they are when they aren’t wearing their costumes, they stick together and chase random objects with each other.”