Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the dramatic moment a family has to scramble to a stranded dolphins aide after it washes up onshore.


On Levara Beach in Grenada, as Aly Monsef and his family enjoy a holiday abroad, suddenly a lonesome dolphin finds itself in a state of real distress as it washes up on the beach.

First on the scene are Aly’s children who attempt to haul the hindered mammal back into the water to little avail, as the dolphin continues to ferociously flail its fins in a blind panic.

Stepping in, their determined dad takes a firm grip on the animal’s tail and begins dragging it to deeper water, attempting to turn it around to face back out to sea.


Thankfully, Aly is able to calm the animated dolphin down and before long he’s back out surfing the waves once more.

Aly, from Perthshire, Scotland, said: “We had been watching the dolphin for some time playing along the shoreline and riding the waves.

“But the dolphin must’ve pushed it too far, as suddenly he was flailing around in the sand.


“Young male dolphins often get kicked out of their pod, and this was a young male so it may explain why it was completely alone.

“As a family, ambassadors for the preservation of marine life, so this encounter was particularly special for us.

“I was so glad I was able to help this poor little dolphin, and see him swim off happy and healthy, playing again.

“We returned to the beach a few days later, to find more dolphins playing there.

“We just hope this dolphin has learned how to swim in the ocean instead of swimming out of it.”